The New Form of Google Email Alerts

November 9, 2008

End of October, Google Alerts team introduced a new form of receiving news. They launched support for feeds, a service to receive alerts via a feed reader of your choice. Now you can view news from iGoogle and Google Reader. Until the end of October alerts have been delivered via email.

You can sign in to your Google Alerts and modify an existing alert, by clicking ‘Edit’ and select Feed instead of Email.

According to the Google team the reason for this modification is to make Google alerts faster.


New AdWords Editor 6.5

October 19, 2008

AdWords Editor is a free, application from Google for advertisers to manage their Google AdWords campaigns. It is a useful application with a number of features. You just deed to download Adwords Editor, install the software and login to your account. The application gives the option to edit your advertising campaigns offline.

This month Google released a new version of AdWords Editor, 6.5. The latest version includes new features and improvements including new Keyword Opportunities tool, data horizontal scrolling, and auto-sizing columns.

New Page Rank Update?

September 25, 2008

Yesterday Matt Cutts, in one of his comments on his blog said that there may be a page rank update this weekend. Matt Cutts blog is a source of useful information for seo marketers.

Google’s Toolbar PR seems to be out of date, since the last update during last July. For a website to have high page rank is an element of successful seo and marketing. One factor to consider is there will be a new PR update is the links that point to your website.

Google Blocking Automated Rank Checking Applications

September 14, 2008

Google blocked WebPosition Gold. According to Google to popular software violated their Terms and Conditions. The dispute is since 2003 when Google penalized website that used to use the software. The last few days SEO managers and webmasters noticed that other automated rank checking applications produced false results.

According to Search Engine Roundtable, “It seems like Google may have implemented a feature that is transparent to searchers but can totally mess up rank checking tools. This is not just impacted WebPosition Gold, but all scraper based tools, including the SEO Firefox plug-in.”

Happy Birthday Google!

September 7, 2008

Google today celebrates 10 years of strong presence and performance. Google is a worldwide data center providing information worldwide.
According to Forbes Magazine, ‘Google’s annual revenue last year was $16.5 billion and their stock prices were $700 last year and has since fallen back to $450; its market cap is now at $142 billion, which puts it in league with the likes of Bank of America and Hewlett-Packard’.
During 1998, Google reported that it handled 10,000 searches a day but in 1999 increased to 500,000 a day.

During 1998 had Google had indexed 26 million webpages and today is estimated to one trillion web pages. A few days ago Google introduced ‘Chrome’, a new browser. The new service will compete with Microsoft Internet Explorer. But even though Google is only 10 years old have manage to dominate the search engine sector and pay per click service.

Chrome – Google’s New Browser

September 2, 2008

Google launched a free Web browser called Chrome. The new browser will challenge Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Firefox browser.
The application is available to download for free in more than 100 countries. Chrome is Google’s next step to become the leader in all Internet areas. Microsoft welcomed the new application.

According to Dean Hachamovitch, general manager of the Internet Explorer team, “The browser landscape is highly competitive. But people will choose Internet Explorer for the way it puts the services they want right at their fingertips, respects their personal choices about how they want to browse and, more than any other browsing technology, puts them in control of their personal data online.”

Microsoft holds 80% of the browser market, Firefox 13% percent, and Apple’s Safari 6%.

What do you need from an SEO company

August 27, 2008

There are a number of SEO companies offering services for less than £100 per month, I know it sounds a great deal but there are a number of reasons why spending less will not help your website.

An SEO strategy is an important aspect of your marketing and having a quality SEO company will ensure more traffic and customers.
SEO is not a one off job and is not cannot be done with one landing page. An SEO campaign, more than £100 a month, it will include a continuous optimisation of your site.

Your SEO company should monitor the website’s performance, your selected keywords and they should be able to make recommendations for improvments.
Your SEO company should be able to provide a full report showing rankings for your keywords, keywords that driving traffic.
Further they should provide an account manager for your site to contact if you have a question or concern.

SEO is an ongoing procedure and that is the challenge for SEO managers and websites owners.

Sitemaps and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

August 2, 2008

A Sitemap is a map of your website. A site map is helpful for people wanting to navigate to a specific page within your website. Further it is helpful for spiders crawling and indexing your website.
There are two types of Sitemaps, HTML and XML. HTML Sitemaps are for your customers, to navigate their way through your website. XML sitemaps helps the search engines to crawl your site much more efficiently meaning you get the best possible rankings you can by letting the search engine see your website.
Every time you update your website, your Sitemap will be updated. The search engines will identify new content and it is a factor to influence you page rank. XML Sitemaps are supported by most of the search engines.

Google Adwords Keyword and Placement Targeting

July 27, 2008

Last week Google announced a new feature for Google Adwords campaigns. The new feature gives the options to advertisers to target both keywords and placements within the same campaign. This allows for the targeting of keywords on contextually relevant pages and at the same time the ability to use placements to set specific bids.

With this new facility, advertisers can place different bids on specific content network placements that they want to target. Further they will be able to make ads for specific groups of pages.

Advertisers will be able to decide to show their ads only on contextually relevant pages, and set specific bids for the different sites. An advertiser can now set a higher bid for placement on a site that has driven traffic, and lower the bid on sites where the ad has not given traffic to the business.

Creating new campaigns or modifying old campaigns, advertisers are given the option to start with placements or start by targeting keywords.

Google acquires Russian ad company

July 20, 2008

Last Friday, according to Information Week, Google is trying to acquire ZAO Begun, a Russian contextual advertising company, for $140 million. The two parties had reached an agreement with Rambler Media to acquire ZAO Begun. Begun is currently owned by Rambler Media, one of the largest Internet portals in Russia. The deal will give Google a potential growth in the Russian market, connecting it to a larger network of both advertisers and publishers. With this acquisition, Google target is to provide advertisers with a broader network of sites on which to place ads.
“Google is very committed to giving Russian users, advertisers, and partners the best possible service and experience,” Mohammad Gawdat, Google’s managing director of emerging markets, said in a statement. “This agreement will result in better search results and more relevant advertising for our Russian users and publishers.” Google’s purchase of Begun represents an effort to challenge Yandex’s lead in the Russian search market.